Interlocking in rockard by NITCO

As Nitco’s interlocking in rockard (tiles) are manufactured under extreme pressure, they are highly wear-resistant as compared to ordinary paver tiles and conventional concrete flooring.

Another distinct advantage they have over conventional concrete flooring is that in the event of damage, one needs to replace only the damaged tiles.

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What are Interlocking paver blocks?

“The definition of ‘interlock’ is: to connect so that motion of any part is constrained by another”.

👉 Interlocking pavers are most commonly made from cement or concrete and tend to simulate the effects of cobblestone pathways.

🧩 Interlocking pavers connect together through the use of sand and can cover any patio, decking, driveway, or walkway. Virtually any application that bricks or concrete would be used for, interlocking pavers is another alternative.

Interlocking pavers are available in many colors and designs.

They are modular, meaning that they connect together to form a variety of geometric designs.

Why install Interlocking Design Tiles?

The modern version, interlocking concrete pavers, is manufactured in a variety of patterns to add vitality to any environment.

👇 Below are a few reasons to use interlocking paver tiles for flooring

  • Interlocking design tiles create style, color, and eye-catching patterns while providing a durable and long-lasting surface.
  • Make a superior integrated system for residential and commercial vehicular requirements.
  • When properly installed require practically no maintenance.
  • Do not require expansion joints.
  • Resistant to spilled fuel and oil.
  • May be used immediately upon completion of installation.
  • Maybe disassembled to repair subgrade or underground services then reinstalled with no unsightly patch.
  • Skid and slip-resistant surface.
  • Cooler surface.
  • Easy to work to grade transitions.
  • Long design life.
  • Low life cycle costs.
  • Interlocking concrete pavers do not crack like asphalt or poured-in-place concrete or stamped concrete. Flex without cracking.
  • Easy to repair and/or replace. Asphalt, concrete, and stamped concrete can’t make this claim.
  • Resist deterioration from freeze-unfreeze cycles and deicing salts better than asphalt and better than ordinary poured-in-place concrete.
  • Concrete pavers come in many shapes and colors. Virtually unlimited combination of solid and blended colors, shapes, and laying patterns.
  • Paving stones should last over 30 years, which is much longer than alternative pavements, under normal residential use.

NITCO TILES is one of the largest manufacturers in Asia. We offer a wide range of interlocking paver blocks that can be customized as per your requirements.

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