Terrazzo is derived from the Italian word “terraces”. It was first produced in Europe in ‘Terrazzo’ a scenic township in northern Italy near Venice in the 15th century. It is ‘the original’ recyled product. Venetian workers discovered a new use for waste marble from tens of thousands of marble statues & construction projects undertaken in that period. Initially clay was used as a binder and the surface was rubbed with stone. Goat milk was the original colour enhancer and sealer.

Terrazzo is a mixture consisting of crushed mother of pearl, mirror, marble, quartz, granite, glass, with cement as a binder, and other proprietary chemicals & pigments. It is available poured in place or precast. The beauty and versatility of terrazzo offer today’s architects/designers contemporary flooring and wall material for interior and exterior design use. The diversity in end uses for terrazzo is amazing. Outdoor applications include vertical fixtures, street furniture, terrace surfaces, and sculptures. For interiors, it can be used for floor, walls, countertops, washbasins, tubs; complete bathroom spaces. Today, terrazzo continues to provide environmentally friendly, durable, low maintenance, surfaces typically lasting the life of the building.

“One foot in front of the other, counting tiles on the floor so I don’t have to focus on the blur of painted smiles, fake faces.” ~ Ellen Hopkins

From the kitchen to the bathroom and from flooring to walls, there is literally no space left uncovered by one of the prominent elements in the world of construction – TILES.

Courtesy of their versatility, assortments, and easy application, tiles bring everything to your table that none of the paint, wallpaper carpet, and laminate can! 

In case you’re in the renovation mood and striking flooring tops your wishlist, you can’t leave out the TERRAZZO TILES- leaders in sustainable flooring since the 15th century. 

What are Terrazzo tiles?

Derived from the Latin word “terra” translating to ground, terrazzo tiles were initially designed to reuse stone offcuts that were generated in massive capacities around the 16th century in Venice, Italy. 

These tiles are a composite material made from chips of marble, crushed mother of pearl (or nacre), quartz, granite, glass, and other entities blended with cement or clay as the binders which constitute around 25% to 30% of the mixture. 

Not only do terrazzo floor tiles add the Mediterranean and artisanal touch to your interiors, but they also complement sculptures, vertical fixtures, porches, and much more. 

What are the advantages of Terrazzo tiles?

Here are the top reasons behind the exponential rise in the popularity of terrazzo tiles in India over their counterparts. 

  • Countless architectural options

Terrazzo tiles offer you countless design and architectural options owing to their state-of-the-art color palette, especially white terrazzo tiles with a colorful assortment of stone offcuts. Guess what? You can also embody logos in these tiles.

  •  Durability 

Terrazzo tiles are indisputably the lowest life cycle cost and most durable flooring options in existence today. This makes them a must-have for heavy traffic public access places such as airports, hospitals, schools, and offices since they last the life of the structure. 

  • Minimal maintenance

In comparison to other readily available flooring materials, cement and epoxy terrazzo flooring have incredibly low maintenance costs. Terrazzo’s routine maintenance includes damp and/or dry mopping with periodic spray buffing. 

If damaged, terrazzo can either be restored at a fraction of the cost of rebuilding the entire flooring. 

  • Eco-Friendly 

Do you know you can self-create terrazzo tiles at home? This isn’t true with other tiles but definitely worth trying with terrazzo. What all you need is recycled porcelain and broken glass along with cement as the binder. 

Voila! You have successfully recycled what usually appears a total waste to others to earn you some brownie points.

  • No grout joints

Do you dislike grout joints on the flooring or walls? If yes, terrazzo is just for you. Since a terrazzo floor can be laid out in tile or poured on-site, you get elegant and polished flooring – free from grout joints. 

What are the types of Terrazzo tiles?

Recognized for its myriad custom designs and applications, terrazzo tiles are broadly classified into two categories – cement-based and epoxy resin-based. 

The cement-based terrazzo tiles for the bathroom are further classified into four sub-categories. 

  • Sand-cushion terrazzo is extremely versatile, cost-effective, and apt for interiors, especially bathrooms. The sand-cushion terrazzo flooring cleanly absorbs trivial defects and avoids their mirroring to the surface, courtesy of the six layers from bottom to top – 2.5″-3″ concrete slab, a thin layer of sand, isolation sheet, wire mesh, sand-cement, and 0.5″ terrazzo layer.
  • Bonded terrazzo flooring consists of three basic layers – concrete slab, 1.75″-2.25″ mortar, and 0.5″ terrazzo layer. The bonded terrazzo works both indoors and outdoors. 
  • Monolithic terrazzo is prominent for its quick installation and economical pricing. There are mainly three layers from bottom to top –  concrete slab, bonding agent, and 0.5″ terrazzo layer.
  • Rustic terrazzo gives a clean rustic look to the surroundings such as pools and fountains due to its rustic and non-slippery finish. To install rustic terrazzo tiles, a minimum depression of 2″ is required. 

The epoxy terrazzo tiles, unlike cement-based tiles, are thin and lightweight. This, however, does not affect the durability or reliability of the tiles. Since epoxy is expensive, polyacrylate is often chosen as an alternative. The epoxy terrazzo tiles consist of just two layers from bottom to top – concrete floor and 0.25″ or 0.375″ epoxy/polyacrylate.

Why choose Nitcotile?

Established in 1953, Nitcotile is one of the largest terrazzo tiles manufacturers in India. While there are not many brands that produce terrazzo tiles in India, Nitcotile has carried the legacy for a long time and is the key supplier all over the world. 

Especially among the commercial and modern areas like Delhi NCR in India, Nitcotile furnishes the most premium quality terrazzo flooring in India at the lowest price. Though we are one of the only few manufacturers of terrazzo tiles, we make sure that they land within your budget. 

Our extensive range of products includes heavy-duty paver tiles, interlocking concrete paver blocks, terrazzo tiles, polished concrete tiles, washbasins & counters, sandstone, limestone, marble, mosaic, and handmade metal tiles. 

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