Beauty of Terrazzo Tiles

by Nitco Tiles India

While you may have never heard the term 'Terrazzo,' chances are you have walked upon terrazzo floors at some point in your life. Used in hotels, malls, schools, airports and office buildings, Terrazzo floors are beautiful, elegant, and incredibly durable and long lasting. Michelangelo used Terrazzo floors in St. Peter's Basilica, and George Washington used them at Mt. Vernon. At Nitco tiles India, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring specialty Terrazzo flooring to you.

Terrazzo flooring is a dream material for artistic interior designers looking to spread their creative wings. There are many possibilities open to those who use terrazzo, due to the diversity of materials that can be used as the aggregate. A plain white terrazzo or an intricately patterned, sparkling design are both equally suited to designers of terrazzo flooring. Whether your home or commercial space is industrial and utilitarian, or flourishing with traditional elements, terrazzo offers you the full breadth of design options. The characteristic look of shiny chips on the polished surface brings a touch of elegance to any room. You can stick with the characteristic and timeless look of solid marble chips, or get creative with materials as diverse as sea fossils, mother of pearl, stainless steel, glass & mirrors coupled with an unlimited color range. One of the hottest trends in modern architecture these days is minimalism. The sleek, straight lines of minimalist interiors can be found in many newer construction homes, and while the look may not be for everyone, there's no denying that there's a certain elegant simplicity to the style. Whether you're looking for a modern monochromatic look, or an artistic piece reminiscent of classic Italian mosaics, or detailed artistic work with a photographic quality, terrazzo is your canvas.

Ancient terrazzo is remarkably analogous to modern cementatious terrazzo, almost to the point of indistinguishability. There is no clearer confirmation of terrazzo's superior sustainability than to examine the Renaissance-era floors created in the 14th century. The fact that these floors are still serviceable and beautiful after many centuries is clear confirmation of the superior sustainability of terrazzo.

Utilizing pre-consumer waste chips from marble mines slab processing operations, these floors were one of the world's first recycled products. While credit is given to the Italians, as it is widely recognized that terrazzo was invented by the Venetians, some archaeologists have found evidence of terrazzo-like floors in ruins in Turkey that date back 8,000 to 10,000 years ago. We at Nitco like to think that makes terrazzo the original sustainable flooring. Modern technology and the advent of polymers have led to epoxy terrazzo flooring systems which are sustainable terrazzo floors. It is the only decorative, seamless, non-porous bacteria free flooring in the world used in airports, hospitals, education institutes and many high traffic buildings.

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